The Dales :)

The Dales :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crown Princess


Ok, so I am really terrible at keeping up with this blog, so since we're snowed in, I thought I'd catch up a bit!  Here are some pics from the cruise that Bill and I took in November.  We cruised on the Crown Princess and went to Grand Cayman, Roatan, Cozumel, and Princess Cays.  We had a great time together!  We dove in all ports except Princess Cays.  We played and relaxed for a week, until we had to come home to reality!  :)



Some friends we met on the cruise...

  One of our Formal Nights

Lots of fun on beautiful Princess Cays



The other formal night...

Roatan, Honduras, AKA, paradise...


This was a tiny Seahorse that we saw in Roatan...

Is there anything that compares to a Caribbean sunset?  These were a few from our balcony...


Bill dragging me off the boat!  I didn't want to leave!! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Fun Adventures of Bill and Mandi!!!!

So, we have been having some fun lately!  We've kind of tired of the "typical" dinner and a movie thing I guess, so we've been trying to do some really fun dates, and we have certainly succeeded.  Now that we are completely broke from all these fun dates, we have already decided that it's gonna have to be dinner and a movie until our cruise next month!!!!  :)  Anyway, here are some pics from our dates, and a few pics from other adventures that weren't necessarily dates.  We didn't include a huge number from the big date that we did in September, because there is a whole blog entry to that one. Enjoy!!
 I guess the first few aren't from dates!  This was when we went bowling with the girls, super fun night!

This was the day that we bought Bill's first motorcycle! Looking forward to years of biking fun!

 We've spent quite a bit of time riding together.  We are both LOVING the bike!!

 Mandi surprised Bill with tickets to the UNC LSU football game.  We had a great time, even though we lost... :(

 A few shots form the "big" date that Bill planned!! :)

 No, as much FUN as that would be, we did not really go flying!  This was a plane that was on display at Corn Dawgs. 

 From DEEP within the corn maze...

This was on Stevie's birthday.

 This was from the night we went to the Netherworld....ohhhh scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) This was one of the dates Bill planned.  FUN!

 Bill's admirer, he already made a funny about this one in another blog!  Mandi's gonna have to kick someone's butt!

 All of these haunted house pics were from outside, they would not let us take pics indoors.  The effects in there were amazing though!  These were all of the creatures who came around to visit those waiting to go in.


 Do we look scared yet??


 This was going to be my date for the night, he was trying to fight Bill for me...but my sweetie won out in the end!

Bill nearly went down, but he triumphed in the end!

 This was the date Mandi planned for Bill for his lining and horseback riding in the N. Georgia mountains.  SO peaceful and fun!

 Mandi from a distance

 Mandi zipping upside down...

 Are we HOT or what????  hehehe!!

ok, maybe a LITTLE  less hot here?

 Bill's first landing

 An upsidedown view of Bill's bootie!  ;)

 Bill taking off for a LONG zip!

 and now for the horses...this is Bill riding Nemo.

 Mandi says, "GORGEOUS!  and the scenery isn't bad either!"  ;)

 Bill giving Nemo a big hug!!

 Mandi loves this picture, Bill looks happy and relaxed!!

 Thanks for the great ride, Nemo!!

 Mandi riding Shogun!

 What a FAB day!

Bill likes the view!